Indian Tapas Evenings

£34 per head (BYOB)

Join us on a whirlwind tour of the cuisine of the Indian sub-continent

Our popular Indian Tapas Nights feature over a dozen set dishes presented as a 'tasting menu' - you get a little bit of everything, which adds up to quite a lot! We therefore advise you only take a light lunch on the day.

The first part of the evening is dedicated to 'Indian Street Food', the fare enjoyed by Indians at local markets, on street corners on the way to or from work - dishes you will have heard of like samosas and pakoras, and other lesser known items like vada (south Indian fritters), dosas (pancakes), and gol gappa (watery spheres stuffed with chickpea, potato and spiced water).
The aim is to 'mix and match' the individual items on the platter provided, with the accompanying various chutneys and sauces.

The second part of the evening is meant to represent 'Indian Home Cooking', food typically enjoyed by Indian families at home in the evening. This typically features a main dish of vegetables or meat (usually chicken, but occasionally lamb), accompanied by 'sabzi' or vegetable sides, a bread and rice. At Realitea, spice is all about packing in flavour and not heat - although there are ample amounts of raita (yoghurt and cucumber) and water to cool you down if necessary.

We finish with a palate cleansing dessert and tea or coffee.

Each event is different as Sarita and the team take you around India exploring the diverse and varied cuisine of the sub-continent. The exact menu for each event is only decided once preparations are under way, but usually there is enough choice to satisfy everyone - approximately 60% of the food is vegetarian.

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While we always welcome children to Realitea, the tapas night event is designed for adults, and adult appetites. Please be aware that there is no discount for places booked for children and they will be charged the full adult rate.

Please note since COVID we only have 8 tables available. As we have rather more 4-seater tables than 2-seater tables, parties booking as a group of 4 will inevitably take priority. We will try our best to accommodate everybody, but if you can rustle up another couple to make a party of four we would be most grateful.

Please read our Terms & Conditions/FAQs below before making a Booking Request.


Making A Booking Request

How does it work?

Click on one of the link buttons above for the specific date you wish to make a Booking Request.

Enter your contact details and choose the number of meals you would like (veg and non-veg).

We use a 'captcha' widget to ensure that the request is from a human and not a malicious bot

We only take Booking Requests for the dates we release the week before. We cannot take requests for dates in the future, unless by special arrangement eg. for a private function

Our capacity is limited by the small size of the venue. To give every one a fair chance we ask that you decide which evening you would like to attend and only make one Booking Request for that one event. Our Booking Partner's system can detect duplicate Booking Requests and if it encounters them it will delete all current requests from that one source.

How long does it take?

Once your Booking Request is made, please allow up to 24 hours before a response is made. This is to allow us to best match the optimum number of people for the tables we have available

If you are successful we will send you an email asking for a convenient time to call you for the deposit OR, at our discretion we may waive your deposit and send an email confirming this. Unless waived, we will call you to take your credit card deposit of £10 per person. After successfully taking the deposit we will then send you a Booking Confirmation with a Booking Reference. Only then will you be booked for a tapas evening. YOU MUST ACKNOWLEDGE THIS EMAIL CONFIRMATION to tell us you are coming. If we don't hear from you we will attempt to contact you again either by email address or telephone. The confirmation reference will be used to verify your booking and should be quoted in any further correspondence.

We may also send you a reminder email the day before the event. You may acknowledge this also. We politely ask that if, for some reason, you will not be taking up your table, that you kindly let us know so that we can give the table to people on our waitlist.

If you are unsuccessful we will endeavour to send an email telling you so, but we won't contact you by telephone. We ask you to persevere and try again the following week. We will also let you know and either add you to our cancellation waitlist or to another forthcoming date. Please be patient if you do not succeed with a booking on your first or second attempt. Our capacity is limited and demand in the past has been very high. Please be patient and try again a following week.

Our aim is to give everybody who has expressed an interest, the opportunity to dine with us. If you repeatedly fail to get a confirmed booking, please let us know by email or phone and we will do our best to find a spot for you as soon as possible.

On The Evening

When should I arrive?

Everybody is served at the same time. We ask you to arrive 5-10 to minutes earlier than the start time specified on your booking confirmation (usually 7pm) so that you can be seated.

Unfortunately our limited space means that we don't have any proper cloakroom facilities, so please hang coats and jackets on the back of your chairs.

The hot starter platters are served promptly just after the start time.

What should I bring?

Just bring yourself, a bottle or two of your favourite tipple, and a sunny disposition (be prepared to have a good time). We'll do the rest.

We provide Indian metal goblets for your drinks. If you prefer glass wine flutes or beer glasses please bring your own.

If you forget your alcohol, there is an off-licence just around the corner. Soft drinks are also available to purchase in Realitea

Copious amounts of water are provided throughout the evening. Its our excuse to come and see how you are getting on - with the food, not with each other!

What time does the evening finish?

Being located in Yorkshire means that everyone enjoys an early night

Typically the evening lasts around 2-2.5 hours, so at around 9pm we are serving coffee and after dinner morsels.

Taxis home should be reserved for between 9:15 - 9:30pm. Please let us know if you have to leave earlier for any reason and we will prioritise your service accordingly - useful to relieve babysitters!


Do you take cards?

Yes we take most forms of recognised card payment

We do take contactless payments where the payment processor allows or you can use CHIP and PIN.

Do you take cash?

Yes we like cash as well.

Would you like to join us for a Tapas event?

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